PCB version 3.02 Component

My signal inputs were working badly, so I opened my DSO nano v3.

There is a burned component near the input. Because it is burned, I cannot identify what it is. I have the file "DSO_Nano_v2.6_VCT_PCB_Layout.pdf from seeed studios. But my PCB is version 3.02a.

[list][/list]Picture of burned area:

Looking at the v2.6 PCB layout file, it does not help. There is no component where my burned component is located. How do I get a PCB v3.02 layout so that I can identify it??
[list][/list]From the PCBlayout file:

OK, I will reply to my own post. . . .

Update, I was able to find a v.3.0 schematic, from here:

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://www.tequipment.net/SEEED/DSO-Na … lloscopes/”>https://www.tequipment.net/SEEED/DSO-Nano-v3/Digital-Oscilloscopes/</LINK_TEXT>

Thank you tequipment for your help! Now I can proceed with a process of elimination.

And, another response to myself . . .

I was able to wipe away some of the soot from the PCB, and it looks like the burned component is " L10 ", so it’s an inductor.

Using the version 3.0 schematic from tequipment’s link, L10 is shown. right next to C0. Great.

But next problem, there’s no rating shown for L10. How many mHenry? I don’t know. Is there a BOM I can find? Oh, and when I look at the actual PCB, capacitor C0 does not exist, even though it’s shown on the schematic, and is [size=150]not[/size] in the “optional” [size=150](选装其)[/size] area of the schematic. The search continues.