PCB size in inches

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this already, but I thought I’d ask anyway just in case today is my lucky day…

A 5x10cm PCB is 1.97x3.94 inches. I have a 2x4" PCB that I need made. :neutral_face: Is there any chance your size limits are actually metric “equivalents” of English units (e.g. 5.08cm x 10.16cm)? I’m afraid I can’t afford the $60 premium on the 10x15 if I have to step up to that in order to print a 5.08x10.16 board…

[fingers crossed]

5 cm x 10 cm means just that, nothing more and nothing less!

I’m finding it hard to believe that it’s impossible to scrape off 0,08cm and 0,16cm from your board, that’s barely nothing! And you can always try to submit your somewhat oversized board, maybe it’ll be your lucky day!

The problem is that I didn’t design it – I only have the gerbers. I think it might fit if it were just centered and trimmed to size, but I don’t know how to do that… :confused:

Try googling for “gerber editor”, or as I said earlyer: Just send in your files, and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue:

Some PCB software, like the Pulsonix software I use, can import Gerber files, allowing the PCB to be edited.

I appreciate there has to be a limit placed somewhere, and that the limit is 5cm not 2 inches, it’s just unfortunate that my board is also 2 inches! I am working with the Micropendous modules, which are designed as a 2x20 DIL type module. I can shave off 0.8mm, if I have pads right against the board edge, or make some funny squished pads at the ends. Or redesign as 2x19, and lose couple of signals, somehow 2x19 offends the sense of rounding.

It would be a lot nicer if the limit was based on board area, with perhaps a max width/height, or the price rated to board area, but I guess Seeedstudio have their reasons.

I am planning a range of open source boards in the 2x20 format, I don’t really want to compromise the design for one supplier… even if they are very good. Generally I wouldn’t mind a 2mm pitch for connectors, but these are designed for hobby/proto work, and they all tend to be 0.1 inch pitch.

Would the system breakdown if the limit was 51 mm??