PCB service wrong pricing

20 pcs 55cm board price is wrong. It’s more expensive per board than 10 pcs option.
Same with 30 pcs 10
10 cm board price, more expensive per board than 20 pcs option.

Please correct the pricing and check the rest. I only checked 55 510 1010, 1015. All make sense except the two above. I was going to order 20 pcs 5*5 but decided to only order 10 because the wrong pricing.

Hi there,
the price is correct. when the qty goes to more then 20, the total size become big. and we charge according to the 20 55

10pcs: $9.9 + $0.0 = $9.9
20pcs: $9.9 + $19.0 = $28.9 ***
30pcs: $9.9 + $19.0 = $28.9


That was my point. They don’t tell us how they price the board.

Shu Yang, do you put one person’s design on one panel or several designs?

Give us some pictures of a panel. :smiley: