PCB service problems and clarifications

There is a whole lot of confusion on the PCB service.
I have some boards i have been trying to get made for 5 days now.

Dimensions are 18.5cm by 19cm. and two smaller boards ( 5x5 and 1.2 by 4)

I tried the trinity service first. I figured ok, Trintiy allows for 3 projects and they will panelise up to 500cm square. i will get 1 large and several of the smaller ones. Perfect !

No ! that is not how it works. They assemble all three projects and then panelse that assembly three times. So of course it turned out to be too large of a project . 2 days lost so far…

So then i switch to Domino service . Same story. There the minimum number of boards i again 3 boards ! again 2 days lost playing email catch up.

Then i get an email with a price quote for 90 dollar. I place the order and then they come back that the board is 6x6 centimeter… no it’s 18.5 by 19. This was after the gerber was ‘checked’ by the board fab…

So now i have an order pending with the wrong amount and no idea how to proceed. I am running out of options.

I am very frustrated right now. I am incurring delay on my project (i am working against deadline. this is a board that has to be delivered together with a book i am writing to the publisher)

You need to clarify the rules for the PCB. they are totally unclear. This is INSANE. I produce hundreds of boards every year and have NEVER had so much trouble.
Is it communication problems or simply ‘teething problems’ because this is the first time they get cad data from me ?
I am still willing to give seeedstudio a chance, but we need to resolve this, and fast !