PCB questions...and concerns


Questions for PCB service people…

Why can’t the sizes increases in small increment? For example, having 6cm X 6cm, rather than going from 5cm x 5cm to 5cm x 10cm?

It’s frustrating! I don’t mind paying extra but only allow sizes increased by 5 times is ridiculous for small boards!

Hello, unebonnevie

I am sorry to tell you that the price has been fully considered and won’t be modified recently.It is preferential enough and we just get quiet slim profit from it.
Hope you can understand.



Fusion PCB can charge me 6cm X 6cm the same as 5cm X 10cm. I don’t mind, because I don’t want to cut things when I get 5cm X 10cm, if my design fits 6cm x 6cm.

Anyway, I saw that Fusion PCB always offer a service that if I paid $46 set up fee, I can choose the size by cm square. Any size. Is that true?


unebonnevie, if you order a 6x6 PCB, you’ll get a 6x6 PCB but pay for “max 10x10”.