PCB Prototyping Question

Hi, I will need a very simple PCB prototype in the next month or so.

Frst time doing this, so my question is how do I get my software on to the MCU?

On the PCBA page I can see how to upload the BOM etc. What I cannot see is any option to programme the chip.

Please advise the process and how this is all done.

Hi Nelson,

Fusion PCB and PCBA online services only take care of the hardware aspect, i.e. PCB manufacture and components population. If you have specific functional tests you would like us to perform, please send us a specific test plan to our customer service at fusion@seeed.cc and the assembly team will review the plan and give you a quote.

I hope that helps,

Hello, thank you and I do understand the services now.

However, that leads to a wider quesiton as to how PCB customers generally get a programmed MCU onto their PCB?

With an external programmer device unless the MCU already has a bootloader installed,

For example: