PCB - Plated Slots

Greetings. I want to make a PCB that I can solder to a switch (see image below). It has three flat tabs that are each 280 mil x 70 mil. I see the maximum drill size allowed is 250 mil, which isn’t a large enough hole for these tabs. Can your system make a plated slot? If so, in what format would you like the interior milling info?

Alternately, I’ve read that overlapping drill holes would work, but are not liked by board houses because it breaks a lot of drill bits. Is this still an issue when using a larger drill bit, something like 100 mil diameter?


hi Lance,
please ingore the maximum drill size allowed is 250 mil, although 250mil is the maximum drill bit, our PCB factory will deal it , so you needn’t overlapping the drill holes, only design the drill hole which you needed :stuck_out_tongue: .