PCB delivery, order update and comunication.

Has any body had any problems with PCB orders lately.
Last year I used them and it took 2 month for a PCB order to come through.
It took so long I ordered it form another supplier.
They assured me it was a personnel issue that had been corrected.
I tested them with a few small orders and it seemed ok and was delivered in a timely fashion.
I haven’t used them in the past few months because I only had bigger boards that I needed on time.
Recently I thought I would try them again and it looks like I have been let down again.
I ordered 7 PCB’s and the order information is just stuck on confirmed.
It never changed to production or delivery.
Contacted the customer support email address and get no reply.
I don’t see the point in paying for DHL to get it in a timely fashion only to have the manufacture delayed.
Is it some holiday in China or something.
Last time it was Spring festival and the time before that Chinese new year.
Be good if the web site was updated to tell us things wont get made in a hurry because of some holiday.
Hows every one else’s orders going?

Oh and look today some of the PCB’s ordered have been updated to Production.
Funny that.
I wonder why all haven’t been and why its taken a week.