PCB cooper contacts to make a keyboard

Hi All!

This is my first post on the forum, regarding my second PCB order, so I´m a complete newbie!

I´m making my PCB in eagle, and my intention is to make a sort of Stylophone.

I have used pads layer to draw my keyboard so I make sure it is showing as cooper and I can make contact. Problem is that using the design rule file for fusion service it throws Layer abuse error for every line I drew.

Should I draw the keyboard in tStop or bStop layer instead? Is it way to draw in Pads layer without getting the error?

Thanks a lot in advance for reading and taking some time on it :slight_smile:


You may post your design, and we will see what happens.

Here you go!

As you may see, the keyboard drawing was made in the pads layer.

Not sure if the errors are shown due to the way it was drawn or because it should go in a diuffernet layer!

Thanks again for your help!! :smiley:
punky.rar (57.9 KB)

It should be ok, the errors could be ignored.

Thanks a lot Steve!! :smiley:

Order is already placed using that same file!

Hi Steve

Unfortunately it came wrong :frowning:

See order 32589 for further details.


It came out correctly, or per your .brd file at least. I assume that your pads were covered with solder mask?

You need to duplicate your pad layers in your tStop or bStop layers to prevent this. In Eagle just turn on the visibility of those two layers. Look at other pads on the board then compare them to your pads and it should be clear why your pads were treated differently.

I’m on the same issue.
Preparing a touch activated drum machine.

see the next screen shot:


I put my finger contacts on the Top layer and duplicate the same drawing on the T stop layer to be sure this wires will be covered with surface finish and not with solder mask.

¿Is that correct?

By other side…
Will be the HASL finish reliable for this application? or will be necessary to choose Rosh HASL or ENIG? in other words… can HASL oxidate?

Here the “.brd” for reference:

dl.dropbox.com/u/7062739/Proyect … nBongo.brd