[PCB] Battery backpack!

Just wanted to share a battery backpack I made for the Wio Terminal, given the official one is currently unavailable.

Moar pics: https://twitter.com/Twitchyliquid64/status/1321261276878626816?s=20

If people are interested I can share the design files, let me know! I’m going to make a second version that has LEDs + voltage measurement and stuff.


Wow, that’s pretty cool!

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So cute, I like it. :star_struck:


Ive since made another revision and sent a third off to the PCB fab!

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The third (and hopefully final) revision has:

  1. Ability to measure battery voltage
  2. I2C EEPROM (on I2C0 - same bus as the accelerometer)
  3. A ‘battery low’ LED
  4. External circuitry (D-latch) to turn on and off the whole unit, drawing only 1uA when off.
  5. The ability to turn on the unit by booping the bottom half of the Wio Terminal. The unit can turn itself off by bringing a GPIO high.

I also did a battery test today. With almost all the peripherals on, the screen and accelerometer running, but without WiFi running, I get a little over 3 hours with an 850mAh cell (4.2V --> 3.2V)


wooooooow!! so cool!!

cool ! :star_struck:

You should cut a hole in the PCB and route around it to allow the two sensors, light, IR to be used.