PCB Assembly


would like to know if it’s possible to have a quotation of fully assembled board for Eden V2 that I already got printed through your Fusion PCB service (order #143291).

This is the components listing:

Arduino Pro Mini3V
D1 TSOP4838 38Khz
D2 TSAL5300 IR Emitter Photodiode 5mm, 940nm 22deg
Q1 DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
Q2 BC337-25RL1G
R1 Photo cell
R2-R3 10Kohm resistor
R4 4.7Kohm resistor
CN1 Standard Header (2x40) for RPi+ models or Extra Tall Header (2x13) for old RPi models
OLED Seeed Studio Grove 128x64 display
J1-J3 1x2 2.54 male connector
SerialPort 1x5 2.54 male connector

It has no smd components. I also have a video that shows the board already assembled but it seems the forum won’t allow me to post the url.


Currently for the PCBA orders, we only accept the components from OPL

We are constantly adding components in this library. Now there are nearly 500, and there will be 1500+ in the first half of 2015.

Thanks for your inquiry.

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Although we are interested in the use of your components OPL list,we lack certain components.

It is possible, in your assembling level, use components that are not in your OPL list?

If the answer is yes, what is the operative mode?
We can ,…for example ,send directly from a vendor like FARNELL to you for the final assembly


I need some one to help me assemble some boards.

If Seeed provide PCB assembly service that not just contain the parts of OPL now?


Introduce my supplier for you that I knew via a SeeedStudio distributor.

I had them assemble 10 prototype boards. They gives a very reasonable price. I just spent 15 dollards for Per board. And they also provides a fast delivery service, I received my the boards just in around 2 weeks.