PCB Assembly


I have used the service before and I am very happy with the $prices$ !! and quality is great too!

What makes my gut always hurt is finding somebody that can assebmle SMD’s for me …

Some places offer pcb and assembly for proptyping… £250 for 8PCB’s 5x5 “extra super duper saving mode”

Ok- I buy 10 PCB from you brilliant guys at 10USD - mint… But even assembly of one board comes to £20 (hand assembled no stencil) in UK… which is the cheapest I found… but gets expensive for 5+ boards.

Who can I use in China… or partnered with Seedstudio to do some assembly?

I ask for assembly because I do allot work with QFN40 and minute SMD’s - As a hobbyist i just dont have the patience and/or equipment to do those things.

Can you guys recommend something please :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback.
We’d love to help the assembly. But we need to consider a lot of things:

  1. Seeed manufacturing resources are mainly for those products already with prototype.
  2. Would the chips and other elements be provided by the designer or from Seeed? If from you guys, you need to send them together with your order. If from Seeed, what if there’s no specific chip?
  3. Do you want the assembled prototype to be tested by Seeed or by yourself? and How?
  4. What do you expect the price of such service? Based on what?

Welcome you guys putting more ideas here, and we’ll see when we can make that.