pcb and fusion not sent 6 weeks later.

Order number 202536 placed 3-14-16
Not shipped. 10 assembled 2x3" boards

Order number 204994 placed 3-30-16
Not shipped. 49 assembled 2x3" boards

Tried emailing seeed. They have been less then helpful.

Don’t know what the hold up is.

Hi Andy,
Did you get your PCBs?
I am having the same problem. I ordered a small USB dongle type PCB on 29th March 2016, and apart from seeing the status change to Process on the same day, I have had no further information. I have sent 3 messages and got no reply to any of them.
I wouldn’t mind so much if I knew that there was a problem at their end, just as long as I was informed.
I was trying Seeed Studio out to see if I could use them. Looks like I will have to go back to my UK PCB company who are twice as expensive but more reliable.

No still have not sent or refunded.

After filing a PayPal claim they now say they will refund me Monday. We will see.

I have had an email this morning saying that the boards are on their way. A bit later than I had thought but still welcome news.



I ended up filing 2 PayPal claims on these 2 orders. 1 day before they needed to respond to PayPal they refunded the smaller purchase and that closed that claim. The other claim PayPal refunded the next day.

Over all a very poor experience with Seeedstuidio.

I won’t use them again.