Payment takes 15 days after 14 days order canceled?

I placed an order on 9/1/14 paid with paypal.

Order nr:104956

On 16/1/14 is finally debited from my bank account.

PayPal then told me that on 23/1/14 would process the payment.

I keep my eyes opened that day, but nothing happened.

Next day I get email
on 24/114 seeedstudio order has been canceled.

Shit! the payment is processed on 16/1/14 and paypal told me max 10days voor complete the payment

That same night I received email from paypal.
hi payment of $189.80 is processed to seeedstudio

Can you please help me to get my money back,
actually seeedstudio canceled too early i think.

Is a rib from my body on this time: (

The 189,80 dollar is realy 16/1/14 moved by paypal to,but the payment completed on the 24/1/14 very weird it takes longer dan 1 week.

Best regards,and tanks for you service hope you cant help me.
Boelie Wijnhoven


Don’t worry,will arrange the order delivery to you!

Thank you!