Payment Options

Any other payment options than Paypal?
Or another local China site can buy a Bus Pirate from? eg Taobao?

Seems a bit silly that the only way someone in the same country as you can only order from one of your oversea’s resellers and have it shipped back to China.

We can ship you by domestic courier, but for payment we accept paypal only. Thanks!

Why don’t you do bank transfer, or credit card? I could even kuaidi the cash over…
Paypal is extremely bu fan bian, but this is China…

Sigh, I guess I’ll have to order via one of the oversea’s sites, or find someone locally with a working (sic) paypal account :cry:

We will be adding credit card option soon, and we closed T/T for retail now. Please contact Linda () for a special process. Sorry for the inconvenience!