panStamp on RFBee

A very nice library for RFBee. Writen for panStamp ( but runs out of the box with RFBee.

I made a wireless sensor network in 10 minutes.
1 RFBee to PC using UartSBee (modem sketch)
1 RFBee for my Humidor using XBee Carrier and DHT11 sensor (temphumpress sketch)
1 RFBee for my bonsai using XBee Carrier and moisture sensor (modified template sketch)

The PC software works great (with python sadly… i would try to make a java version :wink:.
Its simple but also very complex to illustrate. Read the wiki!

Please try it and post your experience here

Thanks for the info. We will give it a try and get back to you.


PS. The MCU RFBee uses is 168, while on panStamp is 328. Not sure if the firmware will overflow the Flash of RFBee. :wink:

Only half of flash is used. 8k usercode available.
SRAM does not matter because in 168 and 328 it has the same size.

With this library its easier to use CC1101 in your projects… library is clean and easy to use.


I am doing some test with this configuration:
1 RFBee connected to PC (modem sketch)
1 RFBee on Xbee Carrier and DHT22 sensor (sign pin connected to D6 - thmphumpress sketch)
It’s my first “game” based on RFBee and probably something is not configured well.
I do not made any changes to the original sketches (only configure DHT 22 in sensor.h) but the system do not work correctly.

Sometimes on the serial console of Arduino IDE the system give me back as result only the Modem Ready message. I can set the command mode. No other AT command are accepted. Sometimes it seems start correctly and I have as result some hex strings.

I am also testing the Swapdmt but the python program seems not able to communicate with modem and devices.

What about your experiences ?
Any advices ?


I found the point !
The RfBee antenna !
Unroll the wire and keep it elongated :smiley:


I managed to get modem node up and running.
But XBee Carrier with and DHT22 sensor using the original temphumpress simply does not work.
No output on serial port and no traffic detected on modem node

Any help in making this work would be greatly appreciated.