Pads between boards are too small


I’ve tried to order a few (my first) prototypes yesterday, and received a very quick response telling me my gerber files don’t meet the requirements.
However, I don’t understand what the problem is. I was told:
“The comments for your PCB file are:
the PAD between boards are too small. please make them at least 6mil width.”.

I haven’t made any panel or so on the gerber files, so I really don’t understand what it could be… Could it be my keep-out line that i made very thin (i think that should be the only thing smaller than 6 mil in my design) ? I don’t see why that should matter since it’s only used to tell where to cut the pcb, and I also wouldn’t expect that to be called a pad :smiley: . Or have I missed some point here?

Anyway, if someone has been having the same problem, I’d appreciate if he could tell me what to change.


may be too small vias? show your gerber or picture of board