Package stuck in customs since MAY28... no response yet from Seeed Support

Hello, I’ve had a package stuck in customs since MAY28. I’ve sent four separate emails, and also two web submissions… no response whatsoever from Seeed support. Customs will not release my package until Seeed provides them with a bill of sale… which they for some reason didn’t do this time.

I’ve ordered around QTY20000 PCBs from Seeed over the past few years… never had any issues until now, and Seeed Support is nowhere to be found. Really frustrating!

Hi Linsight,

Sorry to hear about the trouble you are having. Would you mind PMing me your order number or user account? I can check if we have received your messages. We just came back from a short holiday yesterday so customer service may not have gotten around to you yet.

Many thanks

I can’t figure out how to PM you (possibly not available to new users?). My order number is 220510042004

That will do, I checked and found customer service replied on the 2nd, 6th and 7th with some documents. Did you receive these messages?

I did not receive these messages. I still have not received the package.

The package cleared customs today.
Eventually I’d like to figure out why I did not receive your customer service replies (on the 2nd/6th/7th)… but that’s a task for a later date.