ov7670 and MT9D111 with arduino mega and seeedstudio tft 1.0

Hello this is me Mr_arduino you may have recognized my username from these topics well I though I would post here too.
Anyways I made a topic on using the ov7670 with the arduino here forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=159557.0 my origional topic post is slightly out dated but there is lots of information to be learned.
and the MT9D111 here forum.arduino.cc//index.php?topic=174969 note that I have made some more progress on the MT9D111 since posting that.
I don’t want to re-post everything but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask
Here is a video of the seeedstudio tft v1.0 being used to received data sent to the arduino from the ov7670
Also here is the source code for what you saw in the video and more github.com/ComputerNerd/arduino-camera-tft