OV2640 cam is not recognized on Maix Go

I bought MAiX GO kit and flushed maixpy_v0.5.0_95_g05c4e70.bin.
After connecting from commandline (via minicom), when I try,
import sensor

I got,

MicroPython v0.4.0-50-gcafae9d on 2019-09-21; Sipeed_M1 with kendryte-k210
Type “help()” for more information.

import sensor
init i2c2
[MAIXPY]: no sensor
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
OSError: Reset Failed

I also tried with maixpy_v0.4.0_50_gcafae9d.bin, but the result is basically the same. no sensor.

I bought Maixduino at the same time which comes smaller camera. This set works well with at least sensor.reset(). So I put OV2640 cam which comes with MAiX GO on Maixduino and tested. The same error…

Next, I put the small cam to MAiX Go and did the same. Error (no sensor) again.

So my conclusion for now is

  • OV2640 in my GO kit is broken
  • Cam connector or something is not working on my GO board
    (by the way, the speaker shape is circular, not the oval, so it does not sit on the board as instruction video shows on YouTube. This is a little trouble to install the camera in front)

If there is no solution or explanation, I would request a replacement.
FTT example worked on the GO board.

Please advise.

I’m facing the same exact problem.
My card is also a MAIX GO with a round speaker (received yesterday).
I tried multiple firmware but none works.
Can you help?

After ordering a new camera : it works! the camera was dead :frowning: