Outputvalues of Grove - Sunlightsensor are strangely weird

i have connected the Sensor to my micrprocessor and it gives me following values:

Visible min:0 max:21739
Infrared min:0 max:65216
UV min:0 max?:26

Lux and lumen are both units of measurement for light, but they measure different things. Lux measures the amount of light that falls on a surface per unit area, while lumen measures the total amount of light emitted by a source.
So those Values should be in lux but on the website they say its in lumen.
And i don’t think a regluar sunny day has an UV-index of 26.

Do i need to map or postprocess those values?

Thanks for help!

I think the si1151 library is calculated in a wrong way, you need to stamp and process this data yourself.

How should i process data? i dont know which value represent which value.
Isn’t there a datasheet or a correction or some kind of information?