Output value of RS485 NH3 (Ammonia) sensor

Hi, I’m tring to connect NH3 sensor.But NH3 value that I got seems not correct. After start up, output value became 00000000 (HEX), if I placed the sensor to ammonia environment (e.g. around toilet), the value became strange value (e.g. A5F84086 (HEX)) and did not stable. (Sometime the value is also not Float32 format.) I could get humidity and temperature value correctly, so I think my reading setting of address of NH3 value (0x2000) is also correct. In this case, is sensor something wrong?

Upload the received data from NH3 sensor every second. I think the last (5.jpg) is strange data especially.

I’m sorry, This issue was a PC side issue and has been resolved.

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