out of specifications


what if something is beyond your specs?

For example: i have some silkscreen 5 mils wide while your specs go for 6 mils.

It will be printed 6mils or it won’t be printed at all?

the minimum silkscreen width is 6mil, the silkscreen will be printed but not very clearly

Hello, I have question on the same topic. What if trace with is less 0,1524mm, lets say in my design it is 0,1mm. Will you try to manufacture it or just reject that order? For us it would be accebtable if 1 out 5 pcb with 0,1mm traces would be manufactured correctly while other 4 would be unusable.

Hi marius5,
We will don’t accept it, because we can’t promise all the PCBs will be ok if the trace width is 0.1mm, this is not meets with our quality control.