Out of range problem

Hi: I own a DSO nano for a while and suddenly I have this problem: the V scale seems to be out of range. The input voltage offsets 3.2 V.
I already upgraded to latest firmaware.
Am I missing something or something inside my DSO burned out?
The image show the LCD screen just after boot.
Red clip tied to black (should read 0V)
Thank you very much !
DSO Problem copy.jpg

The 3.2V is suspiciously close to the Nano battery voltage and one possibility is that you are reading this voltage for some reason (due to an internal short or some other failure).

Tests to try that may give you some answers:

  • Change Gnd Level and observe if the “offset voltage” changes
  • Measure Vavg of a known voltage source (such as a battery)
  • Measure voltage between probes using a DMM
  • Check “offset voltage” with open probes (remove from probe connector)