Orginal Rainbowduino support files

Hello everyone.

Does anyone have the original libraries and demo sketches for the original Rainbowduino with the atmega168? I purchased a few Rainbowduino’s with atmega168’s way back when they were first released and have had one running ever since. I have just now built another project using another of them only to find that the support files and libraries for the original Rainbowduino are no longer available and I do not have any of my old sketches or libraries. If anyone has them I would be so ever grateful if you could share them. Or even custom ones with documentation. … Atmega_168

Even the original documentation would be a help. At this moment the boards are not good for much more than paper weights without any documentation to re-write the libraries. Is this normal for Seedstudio products? Do they delete all previous documentation and knowledge of previous products? If this is the case I will not be using any more of their products and stick to companies that at least archive older product documentation. Its not like it takes up much server space to keep old files and even better would be a Git repo where you can just go back through commits and download the files at the point in time where they last worked. Maybe a link to an old website that is no longer available but had the documentation may be good since I could use a cached version of the page on the wayback machine.

Any help would be appreciated at this point. Even a hex file of the plasma sketch for Rainbowduino V1 would at least make my current project more than a paperweight.