Order took over 7 weeks, terrible communication to blame...

Edit: see last post, order finally came!

I’m rather irate at this, send in the files and paid on Dec 26th.
Emailed them 2 weeks ago and got zero response.
Yesterday I emailed them 3 times in a row and started posting here trying to get anyone’s attention and so far all i’ve gotten was try to email this person. Why wasn’t that person getting my other emails already?
I did get a response from that email, but it was totally useless:
Thanks for your order 103705,
After checking your order,the state is pending,
Sorry for the trouble,but our PCB supplier is on holiday now,
Our pcb service manager SHUYANG need to check with supplier and solve for you,
Pls waiting for our news,
Thank you!

I’m going to find a US fab that will do what i’m looking for…

Hi my friend,

I had already sent mail to you,hope we can come to an agreement,

Have a nice day!


Seeed office will be closed from January 26th to February 4th for the Chinese Spring Festival holiday. And we will return on February 5th.

Ok, they say they emailed me Dec 30th with concerns of the design, fair enough, but I never got the email and they never tried to contact me after that, why not?
Then they offer faster service because of the hassle, fine, and say to wait for another person to reply and it will get through on the 5th.
I get another person telling me about the email and what concerns there were about the board, I said the board can be made as it was designed. The person asks me to reupload the files, I do, and no response since!
I’ve since tried to contact all 3 different ppl about what the hell is going on with the board and nothing…

Hi my friend,

Seem it is misunderstanding,we follow your order now,
will keep your posted!

Thank you!


Finally got my boards, but it took way way way more hassle than it should have.
The boards had one problem so far, there was no bottom silk screen, maybe the service doesn’t include it, but the text I had for the bottom was placed on the top and of course is backwards. I was asked about this from one of the ppl in charge of such issue and I thought I made it clear that it was in fact bottom silk screen, I checked my design and it was in fact the proper layer, why they moved it to the top is beyond me.
The plated through hole slot came out good though and for that I was relieved.

Hi Jason,
Our service includes the bottom layer silkscreen.
i checked your file and found that all you silkscreen are on the topside and we made your order according to your gerber files.

Please do understand that we are not allow to revise customer’s file in this way, such as moving the silkscreen from top layer to bottom layer. we will follow your gerber file only.
Sorry again for the inconvenience.

bottom layer silk screen.png