Order stock on processing

I don’t like to post this kind of messages on public board, but I don’t have any ideas how I can connect seeed studio. My order stock on “processing” for about 16 day right now, and there is now way to contact seed studio to get any info - I try sending email from two different mailboxes, try conntact/support form on page, try to send mail to support and to person who contact me on previously order - and no lack.

How can I get any info about my order? Recently I order some pcb from seeed studio, and there was never any issues, pcb alwasy was shipped in about 7 days. And now this… I dan’t now what to think about it, and how to react ? Should get chargback from my credit card operator or my order will be finally proceed ?

Hi root886,

Sorry for the inconvenience, I suspect this may be an e-mail issue. Could you PM me your order number or something for us to check?

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding,

Have you considered looking for help from some manufacturers? I am ordering boards at PCBGOGO, and their engineers will be very enthusiastic to help you solve some problems.

They master various EAD softwares such as Allegro, POWER PCB, ORCAD, AUTO CAD and CAM350 etc. They are very familiar with the design standard and technology standard in the local and international market, and also have full experience about the PCB layout and wiring design, power supply design, SI analysis and EMC design. They have the ability to finish the whole design process from drawing the schematic to assembly.

Hello root886,

I don’t seem to have received any messages from you, is your order still stuck or are we good? We’re going to need a little more information to investigate.

@dpinghu, your message doesn’t really help the OP with his problem. Please refrain from randomly posting advertisements, thank you!