Order partially soldered PCB


I haven’t found any help with the search function so here’s my question:

I need a PCB with some SMD components, but I cannot solder one of them: a QFN chip (not available in any other package), I need to solder the other SMD components myself (resistances, capacitors…), it’s not because I think it would cost less, manual soldering is part of the project. Would it be possible to order a PCB with a QFN chip soldered and other SMD pads left free?

How would one make a prototype in this case, I think even Seeedstudio won’t make a flux stencil just for 10 items… would I have to outsource it to some other company. The goal would be to order between 100 to 200 items a year.

Sorry for the slow reply.
For PCBA prototype service, so far, we may only be able to solder the OPL components. the QFN part is not in OPL, so sorry, we may not offer help in this case.

But in seeed,there are 2 kinds of service on PCB Assembly.

  1. PCB Assembly service.
    MOQ 100 pieces. such service we can help you solder any components, not only OPL componnets. But if the more OPL components you used, the more discount you can get.For the lead time, it depend on the difficulty and the Qty of your board.
    2.PCBA prototyping service.
    We accept order from 2 pieces to 10 pieces and charge $0.05 per pin for SMD / $0.04 per pin for DIP. We help you solder the OPL components on your board. lead-time is 2-3 days

you mentioned that your order is more that 100 pcs. you can choose the first service and we can help make the stencil for those boards.