Order #65796 Fusion PCB

Hi, this order has been “In production” for about one month, and I really need this PCB, Can you tell when do you think it will be finished?


Nobody says nothing about this? I know that you have some problems with fusion pcb service, but you can tell me any news… :frowning:

Hi Dear ruizo99

Sorry for not replying in time. We are searching the reason and that will be finished in few days. You would get the our message once the investigation is over.

Your kind comprehension to me, however, is very much appreciated.

Best Regards

Hi ruizo99,

i’m so sorry for the delay.

we checked the reason with our factory, it is a mistake from them. your order is in production now and it will completed within this week. we will shipment soon, please kindly wait for few days, you can get it in near future.

apologize again for the problem. we will improve our service and i think the mistake will not happened again.

Thank you for the info!