Order #64847 "In Production"

Hello, my order, order #64847 (made on November 26th), has not yet changed from an “In Production” status, and it has remained that way with no update for 12 days.

I do need these boards in a very short amount of time. How long until they ship? I understand that there have been problems with backed up orders, but that was reported over a month ago. Please let me know how long it will be until my order ships.

Thank you.

Hi Thayne,
Truly sorry for the late reply. Your order (Order #64847) was shipped on Dec. 17th. It’s been traceable since Dec. 18th. Here is your tracking number: RT164405505HK, I just tracked it via the following website:
it shows:

Destination - United States of America
The item (RT164405505HK) was posted on 18-Dec-2012 and is being processed for delivery to the addressee.

Hope you will get it soon :stuck_out_tongue:
Have a great day :slight_smile: