Order 61768 still "In production"

Order 61768 in production too long!
You wrote “processed and shipped in 4-6 days”, but i wait 7 days!

Order 60076 i wait “In production” 15 days!

Your service is very slow. I will no longer recommend it to anyone!

Return my money for order 61768 or speed up your service!

8 days… still “In production”, with no any answers… :frowning:

9 days… still “In production”, no any answers… :confused:

12 days… still “In production”, no any answers… :imp:

14 days… still “In production”, no any answers…
I send PayPal claim. :frowning:

Extremely sorry for our terrible service on Fusion PCB these a few weeks. The colleague responsible on this took leave of sudden issue, we are picking up the gears in a rash which caused such super long delays.

A task force is working crazy to respond current situation, all stacked orders will be transacted FIFO. We will regain the service quality soon and improve the shopping experience much further. Excuse us for the extreme inconvenience! All orders delaying too long should receive a fusion PCB coupon. Thank you so much for the patience and understanding!

Well, I could understand if somebody would at least answer these questions on forum.
But there was no answer for a whole month. I was already thinking that everybody died out there.
So, what we do now? I have opened a claim on PayPal already, and I’m not going to close it until you send the boards.
The day when the claim will be auto-closed is morning, 18th Nov, so I’ll escalate the dispute to a claim on 17th evening if nothing changes. But my order is in the “Pending” state now, so I suppose it won’t be processed anyway.
Should I escalate the dispute to a claim?

Our tech support team was focusing on tech support area, this column was mistakenly ignored. If you have already sent emails to customer support mailbox or PCB(at)seeedstudio.com, they should be processed ASAP. Please cancel the order if you need them urgently, we will still send you the boards along with some coupon soon. Sorry again for the delay!

We will try our best to live louder. :slight_smile:

still “In production”, with no any answers…