Order #55733 In production for over two months

I ordered PCB Fusion service on 26th of July (Order # is 55733) and prepared it as it is described on the page, exactly. Next day i received a confirmation mail from info@seeedstudio.com and order status was updated to “In production”.
Now it is Oct 5th and the pcbs have still not been marked as shipped.
I tried to send mails on addresses listed on your contact page, i tried to contact you using feedback form. And still got no answer.
I would like to know what happened to my order =)


Oh, my order is “In Production” for “just” two weeks, and I thought I’m a bit close to the edge of canceling the order…

What is the real median period of a PCB production? I can’t find this information anywhere on the site.

20 days passed, still “In Production”.
Well, after 30 days I’m going to open a paypal dispute.
I’ve lost a whole month by trusting this company, and I’m so sorry now.
The forum seems dead, nobody posts here except the customers since the beginning of october.
No apologies, no info, no anything.

Yup. It seems the fusion service is dead.

Shame on us! We are working hard to fix Fusion service. Sorry for the delays!

i’m so sorry for the issue. we have try our best to improve the PCB service. your order is completed. we will shipment in a day or two.

hope to get your forgiveness.

How about order #60754 ?
It has the “Pending” status, I don’t know what happens with it.
I have sent updated Gerber files to pcb@seeedstudio.com several days ago, but no answer since then.