Order #103565


I have sent a request to customer support on friday, and so far no reply was received, so I am trying the forum.

My order is being held at customs here in brazil and in order to file a complain and speed up the process of releasing it I need to inform them the sender name and address.

Could you please provide me with such information? Otherwise my order may be lost forever…


Great…everybody on Seeed is on vacation. So I will have to wait for another two weeks for support.

First and last time using Seeed services…

Hi my friend,

Please refer below sender info,it is display on the invoice:

Seeed Technology Inc.

F5, Bldg 8, Shiling Industrial Park,
Xinwei, #32 Tongsha Road,
Xili Town, Nanshan Dist.
Shenzhen 518055 China

+86 755 33552591

Have a nice day!


Dear Client,

Tracking number:RS903217584CH
Tracking info updated:
2014-01-13 12:43, Arrival at border point of destination country, BRCWBA

If any problem pls kindly let us know!
Thank you!