OPL component library wrong data

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CD4052BPWR SKU 310070052
In OPL for this element it is written that it is “SMD IC MUX/DEMUX DUAL 4X1”, but as i see in pdf,
this specific model are 4X2 if i am not wrong (drawing at page 1).

SKU 310050009 has link to 74HC595 of NXP, but in functional/pin diagram and OPL library naming of pins are different,
e.g. pin 10 in supplied OPL eagle library is SCL, while in functional diagram and pinning (paragraph “6.1 Pinning”) pin 10 corresponds to MR (master reset).
Also in library this part has RCK and SCK, while on datasheet i can find only SHCP 11 shift register clock input
STCP 12 storage register clock input, which is very confusing, to have different names and guessing who is who.

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Hi Denys,
We are really sorry for our late reply.
For 310070052, we are so sorry that we made mistake in the component discription. Now we have revised it. It’s a 4*2 pin component like the picture shows in OPL.
For 310050009, we made mistake in the functional pin diagram. We have already updated the eagle library on our website you can download the newest now.

We are really sorry that we made mistake and made you confused.