OpenWRT and X86J4125

I have flashed my firmware: Updating Firmware - Seeed Wiki

And Followed: Getting Started - Seeed Wiki

The only things that I changed was that I have a Drive inserted in the M2 slot. so I had to remove the (hd0,gpt1) entry from the grub.config.

This allows me to boot OpenWRT installed into the emmc. However it flashes on the screen and reboots. I have the same thing happen with booting from a USB. Using the same usb, I am able to boot into Ubuntu with no problems, and I can see the files and they are all working.

I have tried to boot into failsafe and no luck.

I do not even have anything that I can inspect to see what the problems is.

Even using the image booting off of a USB, it does the same thing, with or without the M2 installed.