Open source Rally meter

This is exciting an idea from our inspired customer Drew Brashler. Beyond the usage of rally meter, it could be develped into an open source platform for bicylce, running and many other sports usage.

a “rally computer” it is a accurate odometer that is used in rally racing for keeping track of where you are in the race. Without these the team would be unable to locate where turns are in the race.

The initial design would be getting the pulses from one of the ABS sensors or speedometer sensor on a vehicle and convert those pulses into mileage that is accurate to the 0.01 mile. It needs a button to reset the mileage to 000. 00 miles on the fly.

It needs two of these odometer displays per one rally computer. The rally computer also needs a 24 hour clock in HH:MM:SS format and a timer that lists MM:SS.S format. With the clock it can be from the same display but can switch from the clock to timer with a simple push button or toggle switch. The odometer needs to be able to be adjusted up or down mileage on the fly by .1 or by .01. And you need to be able to adjust the calibration for the mileage. Another nice thing to add would be a socket for an external screen showing mileage to the 0.01 accuracy and the current miles per hour that the vehicle is traveling at. The rally computer’s clock, mileage and calibration need to have a memory so that when the rally computer is turned off the 24 hour time clock will still have the accurate time but the last mileage the computer read when it was on will be remembered. Also the calibration needs to be remembered when the unit is turned off.