Open Source licenses...

Hello Everyone!

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Can anyone tell me what I need to do when specifying a specific open source license for hardware and software?
Currently I’m at the point where I have created a PCB design and I’m about to send it off to Fusion. Before I do so, I’d like to specify an open source license. I’m particularly fond of the GNU General Public License, version 2 (GPL-2.0) but this does not appear to cover hardware… or am I wrong?
I want anyone to feel free to improve upon, tweak, customize, hack my work as long as they still give credit but I don’t want any of my work to be used in a closed source design.
What should I stamp on my PCB (as far as an open source license goes)?
Do I need to sign any dotted lines anywhere?



Hi, maybe you can drop a line to , he is the designer of hardware.