Open Source Conservation Kit for Data Logging and Field Research

I think there is some value in creating a basic kit for conservation field researchers. Using grove system enables researchers to prototype and deploy solutions quickly. Using beaglebone enables advantaged customization possible using customization services for beaglebone green.

The key for success of this kit is training material for common field research use cases and customized gnu/Linux operating system running open source logging tools.

An alternative low-cost version of this conservation kit could be created for Arduino boards, instead of the Beaglebone series.

Open Source Conservation Kit for Data Logging and Field Research

The kit uses Beaglebone Green and Grove for building and deploying DIY web-connected field sensors and data loggers. The kit is targeted for field researchers in conservation and also for teaching.

The kit comes with basic introduction to basic electronics, working with beagle bone green, grove system and gnu/Linux based OS with web UI suitable for data logging station

Part List

BeagleBone Green Wireless ( May not be included in the kit)

Grove Base Cape for Beaglebone


– Grove - Temperature & Humidity Sensor

– Grove - Air quality sensor

– Grove - Loudness Sensor

– Grove - PIR Motion Sensor-Large

– Grove - Capacitive Moisture sensor

– Grove - Ultrasonic Distance sensor

Grove - OLED display

Grove - Button

Grove - LED

Grove - Relay x 1

Grove - RTC

Skeleton box for Beaglebone

Printed materials with instructions.