Open Hardware for Good

The world is going through the largest epidemic in last 100 years. It seems apt that we have to find solutions to address the problem that has lead to this peril that we all face.

There are numerous projects from open source ventilators to 3D printing replacement parts for medical systems. Programmers are pitching in to build systems to track and visualize outbreaks.

My suggestion to Seeed Studio community to join the battle. I suggest we create a new forum channel ‘Tech For Good’ to gather ideas and foster projects.

I would love to hear you thoughts.


@hitmanarky It looks great. Can you provide a link to the project?Are you the initiator of this project?

@Baozhu There are many communities out there working to build Solution to fight COVID-19, you can see the project here.

@Baozhu Thanks, At this stage it is just an idea. I hope there would enough positive response and interest from the Seeed Studio community.

@eric.pan @violet What do you think of this suggestion.

Hi Arky! Thank you very much for initiating this conversation. I’ve also noticed there are many discussions about adopting open source into making resources more accessible to medical workers as well as citizens to fight the virus.
The main concern is that equipment for fighting the virus needs to meet medical standards or it might not be able to help (and the worst case might be that it creates problems). It’s important to get medical experts’ advice as to what is needed in which standard, and also get the devices fully tested before applying them into the field.
We would love to see more sharing of the previous and existing projects (we do not need to reinvent the wheels :smiley: ), and also would love to see how we at Seeed and with resources in Shenzhen can contribute!

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I think we could create a Open hardware for Good topic under the community category, and members can share ideas and exciting DIY projects that could help the situation.

Just noticed this video! University of Oxford made a ventilator prototype with Arduino and it will be soon put into production!

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Yes, could you please move it to a public category and get more people involved? Thank you!

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Sure, Created Open hardware for Good. now we can centralize the hacks related humanity.