Open Bench Logic Sniffer DOA?

The Open Bench Logic Sniffer and a Bus Pirate I ordered arrived the other day, and while the Pirate appears to work correctly (i.e. I can connect to it and issue commands via serial), the OLS won’t connect to the Logic Analyser client.

I can see the COM port opening when I plug the device in, I’ve loaded the driver and it appears to be working correctly, but when I try to “capture” I get the following error:

Is this a common problem? I’m finding the OLS documentation (on the various websites involved with the OLS development) a little complicated for someone in my situation. There seem to be a lot of different files and software versions and “how to” guides and I’m getting confused, so I’m just wondering if anyone can give me some idea on what I should do first.

I got some help from the guys on Dangerous Prototypes, and my OLS is working correctly now! … pic=1181.0