Only minimal range with 13.56MHz module


I recently bought the 13.56MHz module (RDM880) together with a key fob and finally got around to try it out. Unfortunately, the range I am getting is about 1/16 of an inch, and only if I put the fob into one of the corners of the antenna.

Between the Arduino and the RDM880 I am using the Serial connection and I can properly read the serial number of the module as well as of the fob, when in really close proximity. The module is powered with 5V from a USB connection. I tried reversing the polarity of the antenna, too.

However, whatever I do, the range where the module can recognize the fob remains abysmal, to say the least. The antenna is mounted freestanding, and the only way i can recognize the fob is by putting it inside the hole of the antenna and move it into either corner. Not even passing it through the center will recognize it.

Either I must be doing something, or there is something wrong with one of the components. Does anybody know what else I could try?

Thanks, Christoph

We are sorry to hear that you can’t use RFID in normal.We have tested it and can read at lest 8cm. So would you mind to tell us what RFID card do you use?

I am using the reader RFR105A1M and the tag SEN82328P, both from your store. Is there anything I need to watch out for, except making sure that the operating voltage is 5V and that there is no large metal pieces or other material that could interfere with RFID?

One thing that I have not tried yet but will in a day or two is to use an external power supply instead of USB. I will keep you posted.

Thanks, Christoph

I try to test RFID tag and it can read at least 2cm apart with 13.56Mhz RFID module.
And Mifare-One RFID Card (13.56MHz) is more better.But there all can work.
Simple,Tag should use very close with 13.56Mhz RFID module.

Hmm, bummer. 2cm is more than what I get but still way too little for what I need (8-10cm). I guess I need to look for a different reader. Thanks for trying.


Glad to help you.