One component mirrored on stencil

Hello, I ordered a solder stencil for a PCB that had some thermal pads on some of the components. One of the components was mirrored on the stencil, the pin footprints were correct, but the thermal pad’s footprint was cut into rectangles and slightly shifted which misaligned it with the pcb. There were 5 other parts with the same footprint that were correctly mapped to the stencil. Here’s the Paste Layer and the stencil. This is the first time I’ve ordered a stencil; should I be dividing the thermal pads on the ICs into these shapes before submitting the pattern? Thank you for your time

Hi Ado,

Thanks for the post. Would you mind sending the case to the general support? The quality assurance team will be able to assist you with this.

The stencil engineers follow a set of guidelines that are based on IPC-7525a guidelines, so there is no need to design these shapes yourself unless you have a specific reason to.

Hope that helps,

I’ll be sure to send it to them. Yes, that does help. Thank you for your time!