OMG! I am such a dummy!

I accidentally Permanently soldered my XIAO and my GPS together… What Da?

I was soldering the pin headers onto my GPS board… and had the bright idea to use my XIAO SAMD as a jig to hold the pin header in line…

NOPE!.. bad idea… I guess somehow the solder ran down and fused the male and female pin header connectors. Now they permanently together… unless I desolder the pin headers from the boards… I guess now I have a permanent gps test bed… OMG! I am such a dummy!

Wasn’t there any way to use a breadboard?

It was female headers… but yes… I should have done something different!

Nah’ not a Dummy… but an Anxious Kid who can’t wait to play with his toys… LOL
good hardware though for sure.
GL :slight_smile: PJ