OLED Display/Lotus

I have the Grove Beginner Kit for Arduino, and I can’t use the OLED display because I can’t download the appropriate library. I can’t see how you include it, since my version of the Arduino IDE has no “search” function and won’t allow me to include any libraries that I haven’t already downloaded. Do I have use some other IDE to do this? How can I download the text of the library so that I can use it? Why isn’t a direct download link in the documentation? This board is marketed for STEAM education, but I certainly wouldn’t recommend it to any teacher I knew without better documentation.

Hi egreb!
Due to the operation of Arduino IDE, we have to download libraries from Library Manager or download the libraries from GitHub(or whatever) and add .ZIP libraries.
First, you can download the latest Arduino IDE from arduino.cc. Then install the IDE on your computer. If you want to use the OLED display, you can push Ctrl+Shift+I key in the Arduino IDE and it will display the Library Manager.

You can type “u8g2” in the dialogue and install the library.

Which version should I choose to download?

Our file will be constantly updated with version iterations and bug fixes. In order to avoid strange errors when you use it, we recommend using the latest version.