OLED Display 1.12" v2.1 / SH1107G - specs & driver confusion


I just bought the v2.1 version of the OLED 1.12" display. I’m a bit confused about its specs and the provided Arduino library.

According to the Seeed product wiki the v2.1 board has a SH1107G driver chip and should support:

  • 128x128 pixels
  • grayscale, 16 shades
  • horizontal scrolling.

It also tells me to download the this OLED_Display_96x96 Arduino library. Here it starts getting confusing because the included examples (e.g /examples/OLED_SH1107G_v2/OLED_PrintNumbers/OLED_PrintNumbers.ino) say:

The new OLED module drive IC has two version,
1. SH1107G (Note: SH1107G does not support scroll, gray display)
2. SSD1327

So my question is: how do I get it working as advertised?

I’m using it with an Arduino MKR WiFi 1010 + MKR Connector Carrier.


This sketch don’t support scroll, gray display.We will improve the Wiki documentation as soon as possible, and we recommend users to use mature software libraries like U8G2.