OLED and film

I have the new OLED module for the film and I also have this blue and white cord. I would like to use this cord for the OLED screen, so that I can program my film with the USB frame on one end, and have the screen connected to the battery side. Is that possible?
Or is it possible to connect the usb frame to the battery charger side with the blue/white cord?
It would be great if you could post a picture of the right configuration, because I don’t want to mess up my screen. The orientation of the OLED module with respect to the frame is not very clear. I’ve tried both orientations and it doesn’t work.

I was able to get the USB frame working and the OLED_Hello_World program working, but it required changing the header files to a local file and copying both the SeeedOLED.h and .cpp files to the OLED_Hello_World directory.
#include “SeeedOLED.h”
It might be easier if you copied those files into each directory to help newbies like me. Or post some instructions somewhere about how to set up Arduino to find those files.

Otherwise, great work!

One more related question. Is there a way to connect the film to the UartSB frame without using the main white connector. The film has a UartSB compatible part and the UartSB frame has some labeled connectors, but the order is different from what the film has. Can they just connected directly?


Got the film connected to the uartsb without using the FPC connector, so now I can reprogram without removing the OLED.
Just attach vcc->vcc, gnd->gnd, and cts-> gnd, rxd -> rx, txd -> tx, dtr -> dtr


You can connect the white connector to UartSB, it can upload the sketch.
You can get a library for OLED here:
garden.seeedstudio.com/index.php … OLED_Frame