OLED 96x96 with Grove-Base Shield DOA ?

Hi all,

I have just unboxed my nice new OLED 96x96 grove display and my Grove-Base shield, placed them onto my Uno, uploaded the “Hello World” example and … nothing!

I have updated the SeedGrayOLED.ccp from “wire.send” to “wire.write”, although it gave an error for the “Delay(1000);” command so I commented that out, it compiles and uploads, but still nothing.

Any ideas how I can check this OLED is ok? I must admit the ribbon cable does not seem to be fully pressed down onto the PCB, not sure if that could be the cause.

Hi, did you use Arduino 0023? Arduino 1.0 can’t compile it.

Both 23 and 1.0 (With modifications to the code). Both compiled okay but neither would switch the screen on.

Hi,does your libraries is SeeedGrayOLED? you can download the attachment to have a try.

If not efficiently,please take a photo about your OLED.

Yes I have the SeeedGreyOLED Library (See screenshot)

Photo of OLED was included originally, but from the side. Here is one from the front. The display shows no life.

Hi, if you compile it without any errors, but display nothing , might your OLED seceen has been broken.

Attachment:libraries. Please have a try.
SeeedGrayOLED.rar (13.8 KB)