OLED 96x96 display without Grove Basic Board

Hi guys,

I really love your 96x96 and the idea to build it into my latest project. I do not own a Grove Board with the Connectors, though, and was wondering, to which pins on the arduino I could connect the display DIRECTLY to get your example code to run. Of course I get the idea of VCC and GROUND, but the serial pins? You board does not provide extra-drivers or stuff, just connectors, right? I should then be able to connect the display directly, right?

If you could please help me out!


Thanks, I got it. Pins are being described in the documentation of the wire-library:

Use this URL: arduino.cc/en/Reference/Wire

yes,you have got it.And maybe if you don’t how to connect your device to Arduino withour transfer-board,you can refer to our eagle , circuit always seems more clearly.

That works great! thankyou…