OLED 96x96 and MBED

Hi, noob to mbed and arch board but getting there…

So is the 96x96 oled (SSD1327) module supported in mbed?

Is there an mbed library for it anywhere?

I found the arduino code for the SSD1327 and mbed code for SSD1308 so far. Not sure how compatible the 1327 and 1308 drivers are.

Thanks for any help!

Hi, I have exactly the same question, did you get any answers? Did you get this working?

I just ordered this 96x96 OLED board with a seeed arch pro,

Initially things looked great because the arch pro has the grove connector then I realized that this OLED uses the SSD1327 driver which I have no experience with.

Does anyone out there have this working with mbed?
Does anyone even know the I2C address?



Hi Dan,

Thanks for ordering Arch Pro and 96 and OLED display.

As far I know, there is no mbed library available for this display. We have only the arduino library for this display. Please see 96x96 OLED Display arduino library. It is should be easy to port this library to mbed.

The initialization function, I2C address, various functions for using the OLED display are already available in the above code. Let us know if you need any further information.


Looks like you can use the Suli platform.

Can’t post github url

github / Seeed-Studio/OLED_96x96_Suli

seeedstudio.com/wiki/How_to_ … le_Library

Thanks for the quick responses folks. I actually took a look at the Arduino example library supplied (thanks!!) and have ported that over to the mbed platform.

I have released the example here: developer.mbed.org/users/daniela … _pro_oled/
and I have released the library here: developer.mbed.org/users/daniela … dGrayOLED/

Arch Pro is a great platform so far. Keep up the good work seeed engineers.

Hi Dan,

Nice work. Appreciated !

You could add your library to developer.mbed.org/components/cat/display/. This would help other users as well.

Warm Regards


didn’t know about that page, display added! hope someone else finds it useful.

Off to try the Ethernet on the arch pro now (for the real part of my project).

Appreciate the help and the quick responses.