Oled 128x64

I’m having problems getting my Oled 128x64 brick to work with the demo program. I’m using an arduino duemilanove.

What pins do SDA and SCL need to be connected to on the Arduino.
Does the SDA voltage have to be attenuated to 3.3V or is it ok to use 5v logic.

I’ve had no luck just a blank screen, I must be doing little thing wrong.

it is designed to use 5v logic.
maybe it take out to many ram of the MCU; you can try to delete the unsigned char logo [] and unsigned char ip[] of the C file(c file must be in the same document with the demo code).

i cant seem to get the demo program to compile its a problem with undefined reference to myfont… i got the data.c file in the folder with the pde… am i missing something?

just reloaded the sketch and everything is fine was not loading the data.c file properly first time!!